Entrainment: falling into rhythm with others through repetition.

Interpretive Community Targeting: specifying for a specific interpretive community, or group of people with shared experiences or values.

Agogics: producing value by changing tempo for specific events.

Meter: the overall pace of an experience.

Tempo: the quickness or slowness of an experience.

Active Persuasion: promoting ideas in a fashion that acknowledges the behavior.

Rhythm: the given system of a single measure.

Beat: the basic unit of time experience.

Crusis: the climax of a phrase.

Social Proof: the idea that if others are doing it, it is correct.

Authority: the power to exert a will upon others.

Scarcity: lacking.

Enabling: making an opportunity more available.

Motivating: inspiring others to perform a task.

Constraining: limiting potential behaviors in others.

Cognitive Biases: ingrained stereotypes.

Inclusion: adding to a community or a group of individuals with others.

Reciprocity: the concept of mutual gain.

Legitimacy: proving to be real and of authority.

Anchoring: suggesting a value that serves as a reference point for the rest of the experience.

Dark Patterns: conscious manipulation of an audience to accomplish goals.

Metaphor: using a frame of reference to reconsider a concept.