"independent, self-assured, stubborn"

"tactical, practical, spatial!"

"Creative, kind, conscientious, clever, joyful, curious (I could go on but these are the first six). And I think people who are not your mother would also choose these words. Love you... Hardworking."

I am a designer and recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. I hope to enrich the interactions we have with objects with sensitive articulation of theory in form. I believe with emphasis on thoughtful design, we can create a world that is safer, simpler, and more joyous.

Iā€™m currently freelancing for Uhuru Design in Brooklyn and Centric Architecture in Nashville. Last Summer I worked at advertising agency Deeplocal, where I tailored physical experiences to tell brand-specific stories alongside art directors and engineers. Two Summers before, I was an apprentice at Cumberland Millwork.

I am currently looking for a full time position. Please reach out to maxplummer@gmail.com if you'd like to chat.