A buckeye is a seed that grows on a buckeye tree. Each autumn, they fall almost simultaneously. The cows like to eat the buckeyes, so they don't stay on the ground for long. As a child, I remember collecting them on my grandfather's property with him and my brother; over the years we've collected buckets. Traditionally, buckeyes symbolize luck. Although I'm not superstitious, I carry one in my pocket every day. 

The problem with buckeyes is their durability. Although a buckeye in captivity will last longer than one in the wild, each will eventually crack after a few months of pocket tumble. My goal is to make a more permanent artifact that carries the same significance, enabling the relationship with the buckeye to be unique to the buckeye itself while retaining the value of the original seed.

The buckeyes are cement cast in silicone molds, stained and finished. Originally these were to be brass, but casting the buckeyes in metal was infeasible with time and resource constraints and will be a future project.